Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ok, So An Open Letter To My Dad, or A Shitty Way To End A Wonderful Day

So, I'll spare you all the gory details, but my father is back to his old "forwarding" routine, sending me two to three emails a day about how that "Muslim" is taking over the country with all of his socialist ways. Anywho, I just usually look at the title of the email, grimace and hit delete, but one in particular, seemed to spark a lot of replies from friends and family, including my uncle, who is also gay and about as blue state as they come. I looked at his response, and immediately saw the word "offensive" and "personal attack" in his comment.

Oh, dear. Color me intrigued.

So I go and read this ridiculous forward, because glutton for punishment, thy name is Taylor, and there is a lovely little section in there about how marriage should be between a man and a woman and homosexuality, blah blah blah, sin, yadda yadda yadda. (I'm not going to post it on here because it's filth, and PiMC is all about the clean wholesome entertainment (see: goatse.)

So, an hour later, I have this third draft of the email I just sent my father, and am going to share it with all of you...not for any other reason other than I am feeling as though I need a little support on this one (Hey, I'm nothing, if not honest.) and it's 2:53 in the morning and I can't sleep because of this stupid thing.


The only reason I read your forward is because I accidentally read Uncle ______'s response to your forward and decided I needed to see what all the hubbub is about.

I am proud to be liberally minded. I am not a conservative. I have no interest in being a conservative. I disagree with everything you have sent me, and find the below forward offensive for reasons I am sure you understand. I cannot see myself at any time becoming a Republican, or conservatively minded, just as I am sure you can not see YOURSELF becoming a card carrying Democrat. I will always defend your right to your beliefs, just as I would hope you would defend your right to mine.

I understand that in times past when I have asked you to not send me these, your response is that you are just trying to "educate me." I don't need/want the education. I know what my thoughts are on certain platforms, and I know I will vote for the man or woman whose beliefs most closely resemble mine. Were that a Republican, absolutely would I vote for him/her. But so far that person as always been a Democrat, and until I see differently, that is the party I will be voting for.

Please note that not ONCE in the eight years that President GW Bush was in office did I EVER send you a forward about him or his policies.

You have told me, also in the past, to just delete anything I don't want to read. I shouldn't HAVE to delete emails from my father before reading them because I know if I look at them, all they will do is anger and frustrate me. Can't we just agree to disagree? I get it, you don't like our president. I didn't like the last one.

The fact that I have asked you repeatedly to take me off your lists and you continue to do so is disrespectful to me and to my beliefs. I am asking, begging, pleading with you, PLEASE STOP FORWARDING these things to me. Please please please. I would much rather get a picture of my little sister or a quick "Hey, this is what we're doing this weekend...." from you than something that does nothing more than upset me.

I really kinda hate that I am ending a great day with some dear friends in Orlando by feeling anger and frustration with your decision to continue forwarding me things that go against my beliefs.

This really has become a respect thing for me. I mean it.

I love you
_________ (my secret identity)

Ironically, I was in the Hall of Presidents today with Taffy. Oh, and did I mention my dad is flying into town in two weeks?


Melanie said...

Ouch. Well, if it's of any help, I think you did the right thing. You are an intelligent, competent man in a loving relationship -- you don't need emails like this, even from a parent. That's just wrong.

Taffy said...

I hate to say this, since I am the queen of love for one's parents, If this doesn't do the trick (without the eye-roll) I think it may be time to Block him.

BTW...Very well written.

Drum Riley Calhoun said...

Well said. Hope he stops.

Thom Takes On The World said...


I understand that you have great love for your father. It's hard to see the one you love behind their ranting (pardon me Taylor's Dad...I meant "educating"). I am touched that you were addressing the issue as one you disliked, and not creating a personal attack on your father. I do hope that he does come around to understanding you better as a son and not as his student in his conservative school room. I hope that he can say, "class dismissed" soon.

Love you and look forward to seeing you next month!

Your Nashville Friend,


PS - HUGS!!!

M said...

I agree very well written. I also agree that it may be time to block him. He is your father but he also needs to respect you and its clear that that's not happening.

Nessa said...

I think that email was very well written. I hope your father will understand and respect your wishes. good luck sweetie.