Friday, August 7, 2009

Ok, So 10 So You Think You Can Dance Finale Notes

I won't spoil who won for those of you who haven't seen it yet (even though it's all over the news), but I have a few comments about show.

1.)I thought some of the dances, including this paso doble (see above) and the addiction piece, were BETTER during the finale then the night they were originally performed. I also think some of the routines lost some of their emotional edge by being recreated, like the "If It Kills Me" piece with Jason and Jeanine, and the breast cancer piece.

2.)Did anyone else think that we were going to see two dancers (Melissa and Asuka) go flying off the stage during their dances. Melissa, in particular, looked like she was going to sail into the audience if Ade hadn't caught her.

3.) I really really dislike Tyce Diorio. Last night just kinda sealed the deal for me. Douche.

4.) So, let me get this straight. 20 dancers sweat their asses off for two hours, and the six judges come out in top hats bought at Party City, do three kicks and they get a two minute standing ovation? Are we just impressed that there were no broken hips?

5.) Last night was the first night Debbie Allen didn't annoy the shit out of me. Lil'C, however, did. And Mia Michaels with the maroon eyeshadow and the dead sea anemone in her hair...I didn't get it. But I guess that was just her way of being "fabulous."

6.) Yes I want to see Fame. Yes, I know I'm gay.

7.) Tacky moments of the evening: Tyce telling the world that a friend is cancer free, and the first person they show after the Breast Cancer dance? BC survivor Christina Applegate.

8.) Well, hello, scruffy Lance Bass....

9.) While I am thrilled with the winner, I think it would have been a WHOLE different ball game had a certain salsa dancer from Miami not been kicked off the show a few weeks ago. And, from what I can tell from the "season in review" montage they did in the beginning of the show, I'm not the only one who feels that way.

10.) Yes, I can't wait for the next season to start!!!


Drum Riley Calhoun said...

yes, the paso was much better less night. I guess less stress made them loosen up a bit. yes, the emotional edge was dulled quite a bit with the redux versions.

they looked like they would fly off the stage, and that is what made it exciting. otherwise, it would have been pretty dull.

Tyce D? i second the douche diagnosis.
LOL! They didn't break a hip! Too funny. Many, Mia Michaels if FAT! Those white tux pants did her no favors!!

Li'l Punk Ass is always annoying. Waste of space. Debbie Allen - DIVA! Love her. Mia Michaels? Douche nozzle.

I want to see Fame too!!!

Again, Tyce is a HUGE douche. Christina Applegate? tacky to show her, but I love her anyway, ever since Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead.

Lance Bass? meh...he looks inbred to me.

I totally disagree with you about a certain salsa dancer from Miami. She may be the diva on South Beach, but she ain't all that. I personally think Kayla was the best female dancer, but her lack of personality cost her in this popularity contest.

Audition shows start Sept 9!!!

Kristen said...

Personally - love Jeanine.... so was pleased.

However, Brandon and Kayla were much better dancers. Don't even get my started on sucky Evan. Boring.

Anyway...I love Mia - she is a bit of a drama lover and I know she likes to say some of that stuff for ratings. But I've never NOT agreed with her. I think they edited some of what she orginally said about Brandon - basically I think she didn't get him because he had the personality of a gnat. i mean, the kid could dance, but for some reason the passion and fire wasn't showing through. And her SAYING it made him work. If you go into dance or music you are gonna get taken down, peg by peg. However, it's the ones that take it and work their ass off that will make it.

Uh - yeah, agree on that weird "One" number where the judges basically walked and tapped their toes a few time. And shit, could they have NOT come up with something better for my girl Mia to wear? Jebus....

I so love that Carrington is in Fame!

And I'm also not a fan of Jeannette - I mean, she was good - but she just didn't do much for me.. Sorry dude...

I think it was fun to watch them reperform a few of the numbers. You could tell they could loosen up a bit and that was both a good thing and bad thing. The "Addiction" piece is still my fav from the season and it killed me, yet again. So good.