Tuesday, July 28, 2009

vPiMC: Episode 44 - Salt Water Taffy, AND PiMC: Episode 112 - The Bold And The Babalu, or The Insemination of A Bull

A PiMC Two-fer!!!!

First, the video:

Our very own world traveler Taffy Carlisle Huffington gets more than she bargained for while giving all of you a tour of the boat while on her Disney Cruise! We even get to see the sun rise! Be sure to download episode 112, which is being released with this episode!

Then, the latest audio show!

Rodan's an invalid, Taffy's a cheer mom, and Taylor's a masochist against everyone's favorite Cuban boyfriend. And we hate bland Rom-Com actresses....well, two of us do. We are Pod Is My Copilot.

Be sure to download vPiMC Episode 44: Salt Water Taffy, released just prior to this episode!!!

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Melanie said...

Taffy!!! You didn't film the blowjob? I mean, come ON!

Drum Riley Calhoun said...

John Goodman's beau's teeth are fine. The only other comment we had was the slightly over powering fragrance of Aqua Velva.

medha said...

taffy you looked great, what are you talking about? also, can I just say.. your skin is AMAZING. so funny that you caught the only other 2 people on the ship "awake". leave it to taffy to find the outdoor sex.

A1 said...

Ni hao!

Impressive! Rodan sounded better than someone who, well, is a real Madarin


Anna B said...

I FINALLY watched this.....at least the couple was interrupted by someone who was understanding. And by understand, I mean jealous.