Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ok, So Remember, Ladies, You've ALWAYS Got The Check To Cash....

Yeah, this documentary from 1992 about the Jersey Shore? I am going to need to find this and watch it with Taffy.

.....while we're both drunk on Boone's Farm and Jager shots.


M said...

I fought the urge to rewind and count how many times Janet said it's different.

Thom said...

I grew up in New Jersey. Gosh, did I just confess that? Let me read that back...ughs...I did. least I did not get beaten up by that chick. Actually it was another chick that beat me up...but AT LEAST I did not have to be taken to the hospital.

Oh the glorious memories....?

Okay...guess that's enough.

Love you guys!

Your Nashville Friend,


Sevi said...

Oh this is DIFFERENT for sure.

LOL and we have been with them for three hours? Long term relationship in Jersey.

OMG how many people did she put in the hospital? Classic.