Monday, June 15, 2009

vPiMC: Episode 40 - Gay Days 2009!!!

Here it is!!! A cast of thousands....well, a dozen or so....Join Taylor, Taffy, Rodan and cub reporter Babaloo as we trek through multiple parks and festive occasions! We had a blast this year, and hope that this little documentary of our time shows that. See you all in 2010.

(and be sure to watch the movie ALL the way to the end - Podcasters, you wouldn't believe what I found on my flip cam when I was editing)

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Melanie said...

This just goes to show that I have absolutely no shame whatsoever. Plus my ta-tas are ginormous.

Nessa said...

I never wanted to be a loser so bad in my life ;)

I am so glad y'all had a great time and Rodan made it in one peice. Ricky has already told me that i have to go next year so fingers crossed.

Vera Charles said...

Is it just me? Am I completely retarded...don't answer that. I can't find any link to click for the video. Please help your old Auntie.

Confused kisses,

Taylor The Latte Boy said...

Hey Auntie Vera - you can find the episode on iTunes, or by clicking on the podcast art up in the top right hand corner of the blog - that will take you to our libsyn page.

I never could figure out the whole podcast link thing - sorry!

Vera Charles said...

Thanks lovie!