Friday, June 26, 2009

Ok so...Ummmmmmmmmmm...

burger king ad


Melanie said...

I remember seeing a billboard when I was in my teens advertising strawberries -- a plump red strawberry was impaled through the top on a fork, then held out horizontally to a pair of open, waiting female lips. Even then, I thought, "Man, a little blatant, don't you think?"

Apparently Mad Avenue is still focused on associating food with blow jobs. Huzzah.

A1 said...

Sugar + fat + salt = poison

Thom said...

That ain't so "big". I got something bigger. Wanna see?

Oh wait...I'm a clean podcaster. What am I doing? You've influenced me!

Cold shower time...yes I know! LOL

Your Nashville Friend,


Sevi said...

Yeah that is sexist - where are all the men that want a big 7 inch ....sandwich?