Sunday, June 28, 2009

ok so...the LA State Legislature

Okay so...this is where I live...yes dear readers...this is Louisiana...

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Unparalleled in the history of American political corruption is the backwards collection of scoundrels, scallywags, hooligans, rascals and charlatans collectively known as the Louisiana State Legislature. So seeing a rapper blasting profane lyrics in their chamber is—Very funny!

How exactly this happened is still sort of unclear, but the gist of it is that the state decided to honor "Hurricane Chris," a Shreveport, Louisiana native, for all of his recent success by giving him the floor of the state House of Representatives for a few minutes, rather than say, naming a meaningless street after him or giving him the key to his home city or something.

Heaven forbid they take time to fix the roads, improve education, or attract businesses...


MattyMalone said...

At least you just lost 3 minutes. The NY Senate hasn't worked since June 8. We all need to vote these crazies OUT!

brothercasey said...

Most of those there probably had no idea what he was saying. A true WTF moment. He had a chance to address the House and he raps about Hallie Berry. What a tool!!

Thom said...

what a low class jerk. He wasted his opportunity to address serious issues by rapping about Hallie Berry. Self promotion is such a bad thing to do when you have people's attention.

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What? Did I just do some self promotion? Huh? Ramble Redhead taught me well. LOL

Love you all!

Your Nashville Friend,


Sevi said...

OH my GAWDS this is one of those useless asshats that take themselves WAY TO EFFING SERIOUSLY.

But I understand about Louisiana - I work for a Real Estate Developer and we are working on a project in NOLA and dammit they move so slow while the people are living in run down FEMA trailers...argh don't get me started Doll.