Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ok, So Six Comments About So You Think You Can Dance....

I am finally all caught up, from Las Vegas Week to the first elimination and a few notes....

1.) Tyce Diorio (sp?) is a do
uchebag. I don't get the whole trying to be more than he is during auditions. We get it, you're a choreographer, but you sir, are no Mia Michaels. And what's with that stupid tattoo on the back of your neck. You're a dick. Shut up!

2.) The first episode with the top 20 was a great show, but I couldn't help but feel that the judges preened and swooned over all 20 contestants - there wasn't a lot of "You didn't get it,"
where a couple of times there needed to be (I even said to Babaloo during the Bollywood number, "They're going to rip them apart. They aren't in sync at all." Imagine my surprise when they told them how great they were.)

3.) This may be the first time I watch SYTYCD Taffy style and fast forward through Mary Murphy's commentary. She's kinda an asshole. The line she had about Botox was very funny, though. But the screaming. If you scream when every person finishes their routine, then it doesn't really matter when you do it, Mary.

4.) I think that the male dancer who went home this week was appropriate (Not saying who for those of you who didn't get to see the show yet.) I was a little disappointed about the girl who went home, but out of the three dancers who danced for their lives, hers was the weakest. And every time I looked at her, I thought of Mac Tonight from the 80s.

5.) I would totally wear more hats if I could look like Napoleon (of Tab
itha and Napoleon)....I would like to do bad things to him..and does anyone else thing Tabitha kinda looks like the mom on Malcolm in the Middle?

6.) Dirty old man comment: I am crushing on Jonathan (and I checked the website - he's 21.)


M said...

This is the first year I am actually watching. I can't stand big mouth so I am doing the dvr thing so I can fast past her. I was surprised they liked the Bollywood number as much as they did.

Rodan said...

okay...Rodan's 2 cents...

1. Tyce is a bit of a douche this year. but i like him in general.

2. They are always nice at the beginning...they'll mean up.

3. Mary is Mary...i just adapt.

4. I would have preferred Jonathan go home.

5. I don't see how they would be a couple.

6. We all know you are a dirty old man

Drum Riley Calhoun said...

I love Mary Murphy, even if the screaming is a little much. I agree that Tyce is a douche, but if he is a douchebag, then Mia Michaels is his nozzle. Talented as she may be, SHE is the asshole of the show, and i will be fast forwarding through her commentary. If you don't like a dancer, give them some helpful tips to work with or just vote no. Don't tell them they irritate the shit out of you and belittle them. And L'il Punk-Ass or whatever his name is, why is he on the show?

Kristen said...

You totally just channeled my own thoughts! Esp on the bollywood number. Seriously, how could they not notice they messed up so much? I mean, huge props (hollah 2005!) to the difficulty, but jeez, get it together or water it down a bit.

I will go so far to say that the cast this year is miles away the best yet. I could cut the last few seasons to the top 10 and not feel bad one bit. But I really like everyone on it!

Oh - and you totally called it on the Mac Tonite!!!! haaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa!