Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ok, So Anyone Else Getting Tired Of Dlisted?

So, I have my blogs and websites I got to daily (read: hourly), and one of them for the last few years has been It's a gossip blog for the most part, and one that I went to after I got tired of Perez Hilton talking about Britney Spears all the time (I talked about not going to Perez Hilton WAAAAAY back in episode 1 of the show, I think - and no, I've never been back to the site since.) Anywho, I enjoyed dlisted for a long time, but I am starting to feel like it's all just the same thing every post. He's talking about the same 5 or 6 people (most of which I have little to no clue as to who they are or why anyone would care (Heidi and Spencer, anyone?) and uses the same three or four jokes or phrases, (peen, memaw/pepaw, Empress of Lucite in exquisite heels, etc.) It's getting a little old.

When it gets down to it - I think a lot of the gossip/entertainment rags are focusing more and more on "real" people (i.e. Jon and Kate - again, who cares) and less on celebrities. I am amazed/surprised that whenever I turn on E!, it seems like they are doing a True Hollywood Story about a serial killer, or something that has nothing to do with Hollywood OR the entertainment industry....really? That's your idea of entertainment? It's weird and a little sick. And I've grown tired of it.

I am becoming a big fan of - I think Rodan likes it, too. There is a defininite poilitcal slant to it, but there is enough science and entertainment information to keep me interested. Can anyone out there suggest a fun blog that isn't all about reality stars and their lives that no one will care about in 6 months?

(And before someone gets bitchy and comments, yes, I AM aware of the irony of a podcaster complaining about blogs talking about "real" people and what goes on in their lives.....)

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