Monday, May 25, 2009

PiMC: Episode 104 - The Sphincter Of A Cow, or Quick! Grab Your Titty!

All over the place tonight - Food shopping, Rain, Rain and Rain, Erectile Dysfunction And You, Rodan tells Taffy a secret, Gay Days, Summer TV, Musicals, Porn...and Musical Porn...and much more! We also all do something we've never done before as a podcast! Thanks, Jeremiah! We are Pod Is My

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kim beaver said...

Rodan is 33? Really? I mean, you are gorgeous and all, but 33? Come on ;)

Thanks for another wonderful show - it is a pleasure every time!

"Go get scissorf*d" Oh dear, even I haven't heard that one, and I am into that business :)

Thanks for the inspiration :)

kim beaver said...

oh, btw - I love the show ART, although the number is a bit misplaced, but never mind, it is great anyhow!

Taffy said...

Kim Beaver is now (un)officially my favorite listener !!

Joe said...

Hi Ladies and Lady,
Just a line to say I love the show (still) as you make my day a little brighter when I get your download. (Honk!) Listening to Rodan's gym story, I remembered a mildly embarrassing, yet satisfying story I thought I'd share. First, a question...have any of you had an orgasm from working out?
When I was in high school, a friend of mine offered to show me and my scrawny friends how the football players worked out. He took the three of us to the gym and set us up on various machines so we could learn what they were really for as opposed to just awkward seating. After crunches and bench presses, he set me down at the leg press machine, the one where you sit, put your feet on the footpads and push the weight forward. I set it up on a weight I thought that was too heavy and pressed it easily. Of course that meant double the weight. I did and it was harder, but I figured I could crank out 12. About midway through, I had a funny feeling in my groin that only got stronger after each press. Let's just say number 12 was AMAZING! I knew something had gone horribly wrong, so I went to the restroom to make sure I hadn't ripped something. When I realized what actually had happened, I was mortified. I managed to clean up before I had to explain any wet spots, but I avoided the machine after that.

Hope you had a good laugh at my expense. : )
Take care,
Joe in Dallas

P.S. Rodan...racist. ; )

P.S.S. You don't have to read this, but I'm working on a surprise for you three and I need shirt sizes. And look for a box in the mail soon. ; )