Thursday, May 14, 2009

PiMC: Episode 102 - Stopping Wasn't Really An Option, or It's Like A Trick, But With Food....

Taylor needs some tylenol, Taffy needs a chiropractor, and Rodan needs to clear his schedule for the next three years. We are Pod Is My Copilot.

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Guru Nudie said...

Surprisingly, none of my childhood toys have been turned into movies. Who wouldn't go see "Slinky - The Movie" or "The Return of Silly Putty"?

Taffy said...

Awwww...What about "SchrinkyDinks"

David-That Blue Jeans Guy-Byrd said...

I think I will successfully out-geek everybody with this one: The Tomorrow People, and I mean the original version, not the cheesy, "let's make sure we leave no doubt in anybody's minds that this thing is a Nickelodeon/MTV production" reboot.

Many of the original cast members are still alive, so we could see them reprising their roles as older versions of themselves, and with some younger cast members as new Tomorrow People. I'm also thinking that Patrick Stewart would be a good replacement for the roles of Timus and the voice of the computer TIM, since that actor has passed.

So there's my idea.

kim beaver said...

The German intro was flawless - where did you learn the dirty words?!

Very funny!

xo kb