Friday, May 15, 2009

Ok, So Jordan Would Have Never Made It Off The Boat Alive If I Had Known About This Earlier.....

MIAMI (AP) — Those little girls who once loved the New Kids On The Block are now adults — with disposable income. The band quickly sold out a three-day Caribbean cruise where they'll perform onboard and mingle.
The group, which reunited after 14 years for a tour and new album in May 2008, will kick off its summer performance schedule with the concert cruise to the Bahamas. They leave Friday afternoon on the Carnival Imagination.
Carnival spokeswoman Cherie Weinstein says about 2,100 people — mostly women in their 20s and 30s — bought tickets to the cruise. She says the trip sold out quickly compared to an average Carnival cruise.
The New Kids On The Block "Full Service" summer tour begins June 4 in Atlanta.


Ron said...

Taylor is a 14-year-old girl by her own admission so you know she already has a ticket.

You'll recognize Taylor The Latte Bear automatically. She'll be the one giving the handies to the New Kids all over the ship during the cruise.

Soon to be overheard from the New Kids during the cruise: "Would you like more "milk and foam" in your latte, Taylor?"

Goonie said...

Taylor, you didnt know about this? I saw them when they came to Bossier...and I got to touch all their hands as they walked fun

Crystal in Buford said...

I would have been right there with you, Taylor! I have front row seats to the kick off of hte summer tour her in Atlanta in June. I can't wait!! I am so 12 again!! Donnie!!!!