Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ok, A Listener Helps Rodan WIth His Meat

In 104, Rodan talked about a piece of steak called a Kansas City Strip, and had a hard time explaining what it is. (Which is ironic, given his difficulty having a hard time right now - honk!) Anyway, Ron in KC explains the difference between a New York Strip and a Kansas City Strip:

I use to work in the meat department at Sam's Club when I was going through college the reason there meat is better then most other places is that they use Choice cuts instead of Select cuts that you find at a lot of stores. And as far as KC strips go, I don't know where your getting them. If they are cut properly they are cut the same way as a New York Strip except more of the fat is trimmed off of the tail. So basically you are getting more of the lean quality meat and less fat. They both are from the same cut of meat it is all in how much fat is trimed off. :-)

Thanks Ron! Now we know - and knowing is half the battle - Go, Joe!!!

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brothercasey said...

I love the GI Joe reference!!