Wednesday, December 10, 2008

PiMC: Episode 86 - Optical Illusions Are A Fat Girl's Best Friend, or WE ARE NOT A SPINOFF!!!

Any show that mentions Lorenzo Lamas, Mitzi Gaynor and Kevin Bee in the same hour......guest starring Michael from QCast Connection!!! We are Pod Is My Copilot.

visit Michael at And thank you to Pat from Don't Quit Your Day job for another great introduction!

blog:, phone: 206-202-5165, email:, myspace:, facebook: ok, so I love pod is my copilot.


Christian said...

When Taffy suposedly slipped up by talking about divorcing Taylor was brilliant!!
Absolutely brilliant!!

Pat Gaik said...

Taffy Carlisle-Huffington...the Girl in the Freudian Slip!

Bjorn said...

I love Taffy. Her Taylor co-dependence is great. Knowing she doesn't see her facebook gives me a great idea.


Also that is the CUTEST COVER ART EVER

Paul said...

OMG! Linus is famous! I'm so proud of my little man.

I guess I need to check out the blog more often for more surprises.