Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ok so, Apparently a face only a mother could really love.

So Lollipop wants an English Bulldog... I explained that this will never happen while she lives at home. Any-whoooo...She announces this at Thanksgiving dinner. To which, my first cousin (we'll call her Tactless) responds with "They are a breed of Dog that should never live, they have to have a unnatural birth because they have been breed to much that's why their heads are so big"
I really hope one shits on her this Christmas...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Taffy. It is true. Bulldogs have to have a c-section birth because of the overlarge heads and shoulders of the pups. It is a fact that breeders of purebred dogs have bred things to extremes in many breeds- this breed being one of them. They are a wonderful dog- the Bulldog- but are prone to ear infections, bacterial problems with the folds in their skin, need face lifts sometimes if the folds close the eyes, are prone to snore loudly.. I could go on.

Ya, they are kinda freakish- but many of us are. Ya take the good with the bad.

(I wouldn't recommend this breed to the general public.)