Sunday, November 9, 2008

PiMC: Episode 82 - Choosey Mons Choose Jif!, or So THAT'S What Rimming Sugar Is For!!!

Babaloo joins us for his first whole episode. Needless to say, Taffy and Rodan jump on the opportunity to make fun of Taylor....WiiFit, Halloween, Food Porn (Literally), BACK to the Mouse House, Pat answers the call for the tongue twister and another code name for an oft talked about supporting cast member.... Apologies for the late episode - look for another video mid week! Send in your questions for Babaloo to answer on a future episode of the show! Thanks for Walt from We're Mean Because Your Stupid for this week's theme music blog:, listener line: 206-202-5165, email:, facebook: ok, so I love Pod Is My Copilot, myspace: Twitter: TaylorLatteBoPlease leave us 5 star reviews on iTunes (and thank you to all of you who aready did!)


Nessa said...

I love Babaloo! Fantastic show, kept me laughing to the point of tears. And I 2nd Taffy's poprocks statement! DO IT!

Melanie said...

Pop Rocks blow job! Pop Rocks blow job! And hell YES I'd want to watch!

Joe said...

Babaloo is adorable and funny!
More Babaloo!

And now you have two video podcasts to do: Poprocks and the Orgycast!

It'll be a video bonanza!