Monday, October 13, 2008

Ok, So Thank You Jimmy and Mr. Difficult...

....for taking footage of this year's Sauerkraut Festival!! Taffy was unable to make it this year, but two of our superfans were gracious enough to take this footage for us! Enjoy!!

Now, if we are taking requests of you boys making videos for us, I have a couple of ideas as well..... (Don't worry, they'll, artistic...)

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Pat Gaik said...

Was that the original Huffington manse in video 3?

ALL BEEF cabbage rolls? My Polish father is turning in his grave! Except we cremated him, so whatever.

The only decent cabbage rolls (Gołąbki or Golumpki) have beef, veal and pork combined. At least dads did. Damn, I miss his cabbage rolls!