Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ok so, one told me about this!

Read a banned book today by katmere.
Apparently, a few weeks back was "Read a Banned Book Week"
Where parents are encouraged to let their children (gasp) actually read a book.  One that may talk about subjects that are not always pleasant. One that may have the word "Fuck" in it.  One that may talk openly about sex.

You opposed to T.V. Movies, magazines, school friends and every other form of communication known to man that  has ever had that kind of forbidden subject matter in it.

(I am happy to say that both of our daughters have read at least 10 of the 24 they show as banned)


Taylor The Latte Boy said...

I have still never read Catcher In The Rye.

I know that just sticks in your craw. Which, you know, is why I say it to you. Repeatedly.

...and for the record, I DO love the Color Purple...

brothercasey said...

I have read Catcher In THe Rye, and I do not understand why such afuss has been made about it. It is boring and pointless!!!!

Now Lord of The Flies and To Kill A Mockingbird, those are some classic novels!! Excellent stories, very moving. But Catcher In The Rye, HATED IT!

Medha said...

a light in the attic? james and the giant peach? why on earth would any book get banned? but especially those? really? REALLY?