Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ok, So Best Dress Of The Night....

The only dress I "OOOH!ed" over... Kenley's stuff looked like old lady clown church drag, and Leeann's stuff was bland bland and bland
And look!  It's Bianca from ANTM!!!  Reality Show Crossover Moment!!!


Lola LaFayette said...

Cycle 4 winner Naima Mora was also on the show last night. She was one of the models lookin' to be hired.

Hopefully, the winner of PR can take the time to purchase some SHAMPOO now. I couldn't look at the close-ups of her...(gag)

epilonious said...

Three things:

1. Project Rungay pointed it out best: If you took away the rich colors from Korto's dresses, they were drab, ribbed things with a few ruffles. Leann, while only using four colors, had about 20 different looks (from wedding dress to hot-pants) that were IMMACULATELY constructed, not like anything anyone had ever seen before, and had millions of fun possibilities. I mean, think of how cool you could make those paddle-skirt look if you phased each paddle with a slightly different shade of Korto green? Or what if you put little drawings in every other flap? It would be divine. Korto made classically beautiful dresses fluffed up with great colors and beadwork. Leann made stuff no-one had ever seen before that was still flattering and cool.

2. Korto will do just fine. She is like the Laura Bennett of this competition, everyone on my final PR Scrappy saw her stuff and said "I wanna buy that, and I can get that for my mom!" And at least she lost to Leann and not the Jeffrey-Sebelia-Esque Kenley.

3. While I had a lot of fun doing my final PR Scrappy. I am sad that I didn't get to do it with ya'll.


Starshine said...

wtf-mates where is the latest podcast?? did we forget!!! entertain me for my new job!!! pppplllleeeeaaassseeee

Rodan said...

I actually like most of Kenley's stuff...and hated Leann's. Blah

Ron said...

Girls, girls, it's NOT Prada and NEVER will be. Miuccia Prada is the master to which all design is compared since she is the innovator in high fashion.

As far as Taylor's choice for the "best dress", it's a crude knock-off of a classic Halston halter gown design from the '80s. My sister had the gown in the 80's and thankfully minus that bullshit that this novice used for the right strap.

Get with the fashion program, Ladies. The prosecution rests.